I can feel it change

IMG_0002-XLThere’s something different about today.  It’ like I can feel a change in the season.  Yeh, it’s still winter and it’s still cold out there (it’s a rather balmy 9*F if you really must know).  But there’s something different about how I sense the feel of the season.

I think we all would agree that animals sense the changes in the season and the time of year.  And we’re all human and a human is just one big animal after all.  It’s not mid-winter any more.  No, today for me it’s feeling like late winter has finally begun.  And that’s a good thing.

I’ve always said that winter comes early and stays long around these parts and it does.  But I got a sense right now that we could be in for an early Spring.  I usually don’t get the “late winter” sensation until around late February.  It’s early this year for me.  I know the Ice Maiden will want to hang on for as long as she can and there is still plenty of icky bad weather ahead for us.  But the season feels like it shifted into a new gear.

I wont mind one little bit if we get an early Spring.  The dirty part of winter is going to be here soon.  I don’t care for that part at all.