Ground Hog Day

IMG_0001-XLI looked outside and then opened the patio door.  Brrr!!!  It’s cold out there.  I quickly made a dash to the heated bird bath to top it off.  I dunno if birds are actually using it or if it’s just evaporating in the cold February air.  I suspect it’s the latter.

I suppose that damn rat saw it’s shadow today.  I guess it doesn’t really matter.  This is Minnesota after all and not Pennsylvania.  I remember that I tried to use an old trick that I used to use when I was a kid back in Iowa to roughly calculate when it would be Spring again.  The 1st of February equals the 30th of November and we keep counting back.  And then I found out that this is Minnesota.  January gets a pass.  So it seems the 1st of February equals the 31st of December.  It’s a long time until Spring.

I looked around for my long lost birds and saw no sign of them.  There are plenty of ducks flying around tho.  There must be some open water somewhere if we have this many ducks.  I suspect the birds headed for that as well.  The winter is cold around here and it bites with every breath I take.  The Ice Maiden must have frozen up their usual water supply.  I keep trying to tempt them to hang around with my heated bird bath.  So far no luck.  Yeh, I think the water is evaporating.  We’ll keep trying tho.  Winter comes early and stays long in these parts.