Sunday morning

IMG_0006-XLIt’s a lovely 14*F out there this morning with a nice atypical Minnesota February snow.  That converts to a pleasant -10*C if you’re curious and wanting to feel like you’re living a tad dangerous thru me. All I know is I’m gonna make a stew out of that rat if he sees his shadow tomorrow.  In all reality, we have another 60 days of this anyway so it’s really kind of an idle threat.

My girls made me a nice little sun catcher for my front window.  It adds a nice bit of colour on a grey and snowy Minnesota morning.  Maybe I can get their Momma to have them make me a couple more so I can add them as well.

I have to run to the market a bit later this morning so I think Ill be taking my camera with me.  The road a travel skirts the Minnesota countryside and it’s been a while since I’ve taken any pictures along that route.I’ll hafta be careful tho.  Minnesota Soccer Moms and Soccer Dads will be out and about in their Soccer vans and Soccer SUVs.  It’s best you observe them driving from a safe distance … like a mile away.

14 responses to “Sunday morning

  1. Also, you can string them from fishing line if you have several just knot the line so they don’t slide. Then you can do without the suction cups on the windows


  2. Yes, beware the soccer moms, they are a nightmare even in fair weather. The sun catchers are lovely. You can pick up a kit at most craft stores or order them at oriental trading online, and then you could make as many as you like with your gals. They are beautiful