IMG_0005-XLIt was one of those days best spent indoors.  Thank God I didn’t have to commute today.  Too bad I worked OT and won’t be compensated tho.  Oh well.  It is what it is and we’ll just deal with what it is.  Another week and the temps start heading north once again.  That works for me.

Random Thoughts

IMG_0021-XLJerez.  It would have been wonderful to spend a couple days there just to stroll along the avenues and the boulevards. To travel all by your onesy or in a small group would be a great way to explore a fair number of places in this world.  Too many places to see and not enough time or money to make it all happen.

I get to start a wonderful new concept:  telework Fridays.  Work from home and avoid the commute once a week.  I’m looking forward to missing that mad dash for home on Fridays.  But come to think of it, maybe telework Wednesdays would be better.  It would be a great way to break up the work week.

Thank God tax season is over for me.  All I hafta say is “Ouch!”  Enough said.  But I do have some really cool ideas for my raised garden beds for this coming season.  It will make for some interesting carpentry work come April.

I like getting these text messages that go something like “I have a couple hours free tonight.  Wanna grab some dinner with me?”  That’s a nice way to end a day.  I can still grill up some mean adult grilled cheese sammiches.