January 29

IMG_0006-XLThe end of January.  Well, almost.  Another January in the books for me.  Almost.  The setting sun seems a tad spooky when I look at it.  But come to think of it, it’s more cold and a bit foreboding.  Like the Ice Maiden will visit soon.  Brrr!!!  I know full well this winter is not over by any stretch of the imagination.  There are still two long months to go before warm breezes from the south start blowing once again.

The candle in my front window flickered on.  I left it there even though Christmas is over.  It makes me feel that I’m making a statement despite the grey and gloom.  A statement of “Come on in and warm yourself by the fire.”  So I let it flicker on.  Double A batteries are cheap and I don’t mind keeping the orange yellow incandescent glow on in the front window.

Winter has shifted gears and the days are in reverse now.  It doesn’t get as dark as soon as it used to but it’s still grey and gloomy out there.  It makes me wonder why I stay here even though I know full well it’s because the kids and the girls are here.  I’m really a wuss when it comes to cold weather.  No, I prefer sunny skies and warm breezes.  I’d move if I thought I could take the girls with me.  Some how I just don’t think Mom and Dad would let me do that even though there are days where I’m sure some 4 year old attitude may make them think that it may not be such a bad idea to let them run away with me. I still think they’d miss them after a short bit.  They forgot what quiet sounds like in their house.  Quiet isn’t so bad.  It’s not great but I can live with it.