One of those in the “What the hell is this supposed to be?” category.

IMG_0289-XLI was in Munich in October of 2011 and I did a lot of research as to what I wanted to see when I had two extra days at the tail end of the tour I signed up for.  And the one thing that I wanted to see was the Pinakothek art museums while I was there.  They have a really good deal; you pay a flat rate and you get an all day pass to all of them. Which is good because there are three really big ones and two much smaller ones.  I figured I could spend all day going the the Alte (Old) the Neue (New) and the Moderne (Modern).

So I get there and go to buy my all day pass and they tell me the Neue is closed for cleaning that day.  Crap!  No impressionist art for me to view that day.  I’d have to save it for a return trip some day.  But I did spend all morning at the Alte before having some lunch at the cafe there.

Off we went across the street to the Moderne.  I flash them my tag with a smile and into it I went.  I ran across some school kids and somehow we managed to talk about what we saw in each.  Personally I think they wanted to hear this ol’ Iowa farm kid talk since they acted like they couldn’t speak and English.  No worries.  One of their teachers (oo la la) translate for us.

So we come across this room and the kids wanted to know what I thought it was.  Naturally I couldn’t find the number for the exhibit so there was no audio guide help for me.  So I said …

“It’s green.  It’s a room.  So it’s the green room.”

I still don’t know to this day what the exhibit was but I still get a kick out of remembering how the kids laughed when their teacher said …

“Das ist das grune zimmer.”

“This is the green room.”

It worked for me.  Besides, we got all got a good laugh out of it.  Laughter and smiles cross language and age barriers every time.