Me oh my!

06100213Just in case you heard a rather large and loud crash from this general direction, that was me after VW told me how much it was gonna cost me for my 120K maintenance to my ride.


OK … one new camera lens put on hold as are two new maple trees for the backyard.  Well, maybe I can have the lens before Fall.  The trees can wait until October anywho.  That’s the best time to plant them for around here anywho.  I’ll just miss out on a full season’s growth but it’s still OK.  We’ll just shift priorities.


I started yesterday on my effort to lose some weight. My little sister wants to bet on how much either of us will lose before my neice gets married this June. The two of us are extremely competitive with one another and I’ll love rubbing her nose in it if I win and she loses. And I’m more than happy to at least try to win considering what is at stake is a steak dinner. Yeh, I know it doesn’t make a whole lotta sense to have a food bet when one is trying to lose some weight. But that’s just us and we’re a tad bit goofy anywho.

I think my knees can handle the 10,0000 steps program and I know I have to get my tail over to the WalMart to get a pedometer. Hehehehehehe … I pronounce it “peed -oh-meter”. Hey, it’s me and my way of talking. Where was I? Oh yeh.

So, I’ll get one of them thingees to keep track of how I’m doing every day but I’m also cutting back on my sugar intake. Yayayayayayaya, I know people will say the refined sugar is the devil incarnate and it poisons my body. But I don’t care. I like my treats and coffee like I like my ladies: sweet. One small step at a time on cutting back.

The lack of sugar is just gonna kill me.