Sunday Afternoon

IMG_0005-XLWow!  Here it is almost the end of January and the weather has just been unbelievable for a Minnesota winter.  All the crappy weather has gone east of us and our collection of snow is next to nothing.

So we did a couple handyman chores around my place.  Always modernizing and always improving.  That’s what I do and fortunately electricity and me are friends.  I’ll leave the big power stuff to someone else; the little stuff like lights and switches and outlets is something that I can do.  Besides, it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble anywho.

Now that my handyman chores are done for the day, I’m back to researching and pricing a new zoom lens for my camera.  Canon doesn’t have anything that I want, so I’m going back and forth between the Tamron lens and the Sigma lens web sites.  Tamron has one that I like but it’s a bit pricey.  Sigma has a comparable one but it’s not out yet.  Well, I’m in no particular hurry anyway so waiting isn’t an issue.  Besides, one or both may be offering instant rebates come tax refund season.  Hopefully the other one will be available at that time.