St. Oswalt’s, the Black Forest, Germany

"OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         "It sits out on this meadow surrounded by the hills and the trees.  It’s down slope from the rail line and you can hear the express train whiz on by up above you.  I have expected to see Heidi out here tending her sheep and goats but alas, no Heidi.  Someone must have warned her that I was out and about and totally unsupervised.  And is that “sheeps and goats“?  Never mind.

"OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         "We were supposed to attend a concert put on by a local group who was going to sing some German Christmas carols.  I was just tired of sitting on the bus and needed a good stretch of the legs before dinner.  It’s too bad the church was all locked up at the time but fortunately you could look thru the basement windows.  The pic is crap but …

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI thought “COOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Maybe it was just me.

So just exactly where did my day go to?

IMG_0002-XLOK, in one moment it was 6:00 AM and then suddenly it was the 8:30 meeting time and then the next thing I knew it was lunch time followed by another meeting and then I look up and I had one of the “ah sh*t” moments because I had missed my regular train home.  Granted a blue line train goes by every 10 minutes but that’s not the point.  I have no clue what happened to my day or if I even got anything done.

I hate days like this because I always end up with this empty feeling inside of me that says I missed something important or I forgot someone who is important to me or both.  I hate this “Let’s rush, rush, rush and then rush about some more” feeling on days such as these.  Ugh!  What did I miss?  Dammit!