Hump Day

IMG_0013-XLThe Ice Maiden decided that we needed a nice dusting of snow and she so proceeded to dump about an inch of snow on us.  Mind you, I leave for my daily commute before some people are even thinking of stirring out from underneath their warm covers.  But I do that for a couple reasons.

One is there are just so many bridges across the Minnesota River.  And it doesn’t help matters when they keep building new homes in the south metro yet the number of bridges and the width of the bridges remains the same.  Leave it to Civil Engineers to figure out the supporting rationale for that one.

IMG_0375The other reason would be the complete pandelerium that we experience with soccer Dads in soccer vans or worse yet soccer SUVs. Whee!!!  Here we go kids.

The knuckleheads.  Ugh!  It would drive Jesus to drink.