Ocean Isle, North Carolina

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI want to go back to Ocean Isle some day and I hope that “some day” is not too awfully far in my future.  I loved walking the beach and feeling the the wind on my face mixed with some of the spray of the waves as they crash on to the shore.  I love smelling the salt air and listening to the gulls crying and the sound of the waves crashing on to the shore.

I got lost in thought while walking the beach.  Part of it was due to the abundance of fresh seafood that I had for supper that evening.  The other part was deciding if I wanted to continue my future with the blonde haired, blue eyed Texas she-devil or if I wanted to strike off on my own once again and go to work for someone else.  It was kind of tough considering how I built up a business only to watch her start to dismantle my programs one by one.


But I love walking the beach or any beach for that matter.  You can watch and observe as the wind and the surf shapes and reshapes the sand and the features of the beach and change it into something different and maybe even more beautiful than before.  It kind of reminded me that nothing is constant in this universe.  I decided to go back to the bar and enjoy another round and bid the she-devil “adieu”.



IMG_0001-XLThe skies can be a brilliant pink on an early morning around these parts.  They appear as the sun starts to rise against a early grey sky and there’s an explosion of pinks mixed with reds and oranges on the horizon.  Unfortunately, they don’t last for very long and one has to be quick to capture a moment in time before it disappears.  But it’s nice to sit back with a cup of coffee and sit with no lights on so you can enjoy this moment.  And just as quickly, it’s gone and we’re back to an atypical grey morning January sky for Minnesota.

My back is protesting my drive yesterday. I couldn’t have asked for better weather than what they had down home yesterday.  I even managed to get Petey all warshed and sparklie once again.  It’s too bad I also noticed all of the rock chips that she has accumulated over time.  I also got a good look at her rims while I was at it.  Yeh, I think it’s time to call a guy I know and see what it would cost to have him and his body shop guys go over her when I’m traveling this coming October.  Get them all covered and the rims cleaned up and repainted.  Make her looking like a proper lady once again.  Maybe I’ll spring for some new floor mats while I’m at it.