Saturday Morning

IMG_0005-XLSaturday morning and it’s time to sit back and just enjoy some simple pleasures in life.  Like sitting here sipping on a cup of Kona and looking out my front window.  Special emphasis is put on “MY” in this case.

As in “MY” house and not some quarters the Government assigned to me.

“MY” window.  The one that I picked out to replace what was originally here when I closed on this house.  “MY” window and not some window that an overpaid Government civil engineer picked out and decided would be installed.

Looking at “MY” walls and painting them the colour of “MY” choice and again not some stupid ass off-white colour or beige or tan that Housing Management says it must be.  And one of “MY” choice so I can paint it any damn colour of “MY” choice.  Yeh, that’s a nice thing.

And looking out over “MY” neighborhood and not one that I have to leave because Uncle Sugar says that they need me for a while in Country “________”.  (fill in the blank)

Yeh.  Simple pleasures.  It will be nicer whenever it decides to warm up around these parts.  But it’s all good.  It was “MY” choice to move here versus someone telling me where to go.  The coffee tastes and goes down mucher, mucher betterer now.


36 thoughts on “Saturday Morning

  1. Oh, I have skills. Miss Lily leaves it alone. she likes sitting up in the bay looking out at the birds. and I hated that need to keep lotsa quarters around just so you can have some clean clothes.


  2. Yes, the king surveying his domain. Hee hee perfect way to start a day. It is a good feeling to sit back and enjoy the fruits of free choice and hard work.


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