Regensberg, Germany

IMG_0328-XLThis was a little fun thing to find when traveling.  But it’s one of those things that you have to keep a sharp eye out and maybe use a zoom lens.  I loved this carving  that was over the main entrance to city hall in Regensberg.  I picked it up when zooming in on it and got a good laugh at the guy threatening us with the rather large stone.  It was just myself and another guy with zoom lenses in the group.  I think we were the only ones that got the pic.  Maybe he was there to menace whomever showed up to protest their taxes.

Oh and a good phrase to know in Germany in a December while at the Christmas Markets …

“Heisse schokolade mit creme und schnapps”

You have enough of those and you swear you can sing German Christmas carols.  That and you can tolerate the cold mucher betterer.  Prost!