IMG_0011-XLI was looking through some pictures that I took a while back and I stumbled across this.  I forget how good something can look when they are in black and white.  I need to get out in the countryside soon.  A road trip sounds pretty good to me.

Secret Squirrel

IMG_0075-LThis guy … or gal … showed up at my front door last April and has been hanging around April of last year and has been hanging around ever since.  I see it every now and then and it always amazes me that it’s still hanging around.  But come to think of it, there are really no natural predators around here to torment it.  We have no barn owls, most of the cats around here are indoor cats and only my neighbors across the street have dogs.  And they’re indoor or behind a fence dog.

It hasn’t been messing with my bird feeders and it hasn’t found the bunny food that I set out.  We’ll see if it survives the winter.


It’s quiet here his morning.  It’s part of why I like coming in as early as I do.  The morning commute doesn’t have a whole lot of traffic and I can take my time versus feeling like I’m in the Indy 500 when I’m driving.  The morning train ride into downtown Minneapolis gives me some time to sit with my iPad and see what’s going on with the world.  And fortunately, I haven’t had “a voice” talking to me lately.  I’m kinda bummed on that one more than anything else.

I’ve been sipping on a fresh cup of coffee and watching my morning unfold.  People are now starting to straggle in and I’ve put my “Deep in Work” sign up on my door.  It’s a polite way of saying “Go away” without actually coming out and saying it.  I need to create a “To Do Today” list so I get my day organized since I’ve found that I’m relying more and more on lists such as these.  But why would I want to do that when there is coffee to be savored?  Oh well.

The vent overhead is blowing cold air in lieu of warm.  Go figure that one.  Only in Minnesota would you have something like that.  What is this?  Some attempt at getting me to become a hockey fan?

So no college football left now that Ohio State did their magic last night.  That leaves me to be left to once again roam the countryside without any kind of adult supervision.  God only knows what kinda trouble will find me.  But what the hey, one has to be good at something.