Mont St. Michel

IMG_0003-XLIt was a grey and breezy night and totally unlike the beautiful partly cloudy sky that we had during the day.  You have to be part mountain goat when you visit here but the climb was well worth the effort.  The view from up top was amazing. Yes, those are people walking along down below.  I didn’t get to see the tide come in but I understand it comes in fast.  It would have been interesting to see them scamper for higher ground when the tide came in.

My regret is that I don’t speak French but I managed OK.  You smile, say “Please” and “Thank you”, you exercise some patience and remember that you’re a guest in someone else’s country.  It all worked out and it was actually a much better experience than being in Paris.  Stay in the village nearby if you can get a room.  Let all of the other tourists take a bus to some other place for the night.  This was beautiful.