IMG_0045-XLI love Spain and I love it in October.  It’s warm and much warmer than Central Europe.  And what caps a nice day in Spain is to get out for a walk with the locals and stopping at a restaurant for some good food.  What’s better is the local sangria that they serve up.  Oh yeh.  A couple pitchers of that shred with some travel mates makes for a really good night.  Send me back for some more food and wine.  I’ll drop and go in a heartbeat.  You can go with if you want.

There’s this bright, yellow thing in our sky here.

But the accompanying heat that is supposed to come with it didn’t come with it. Damn! We’re having a rather balmy and tropical -13*F with a -30*F wind chill. Yes, that’s on a Farenheit and not a Celcius temperature scale. God, I’d hate to do the conversion to see what that would look like. There’s no dancing in the streets of Minneapolis this morning. It’s more of a “shuffle and shiver” as you go kinda sorta thingee.

Where’s my Global Warming? Didn’t Al Gore say we’re gonna have Global Warming? Didn’t Al Gore promise us Global Warming?


Sorry. I had to get that out of my system. Back to shuffling and shivering. And “NO” I don’t even wanna know how warm it is in Florida or Texas or Timbuktu for that matter.