Sunday Night

IMG_0010-SBrrrr!  The snow crunches underneath your feet when you walk on it.  My face was rosy red when I came in from shoveling snow off of the driveway.  It was drifted snow and easy enough to remove, but doggone it was cold out there.

I got a heated bird bath and it’s all installed.  It must be working cuz the water isn’t frozen.  Maybe I’ll be having some regular visitors once again between this and the four feeders.  It will be nice even if it’s only my usual chickadees.

So we’re tied in deep with a headlock called January.  January.  I think it’s an ancient Minnesotan word for “OMG is it friggen cold out there!” or something along those lines.  It would be a nice month just to hibernate thru versus getting up in the wee hours of the early morning so one can go to work.

Ugh!  I hafta go back to work tomorrow morning.  It was so nice to have these past two weeks to get up when I wanted and then go to bed when I wanted.  It’s back to the grind come 5 AM.  That and to crunch thru the snow.  I think I’ll be wearing my new snow boots to work for a while.