Welcome Back Winter

IMG_0006-XLAhhhhhh … to wake up and see this spread out all over the ground.  My first thought when I saw this was “Wow!  Does that look nice!”  That was soon followed up with a “Ummmm … oh yeh.  I hafta get the snowblower out and clean out the drive.”  And then the snowplow came by and plugged up the bottom of my driveway.  What a nice guy.  Well, at least the street was cleared off so I can make a market run for my Saturday lotto ticket.

And surprise, surprise the fire plug out front is leaking once again.  And to my even greater amusement, there is no after hours number that I can call to let city engineering know that they have a leaky plug.  It’s no big deal since its happened before.  I just hafta keep an eye on it and call it in on Monday morning.

IMG_0008-XLI do love how peaceful and pristine it all looks when I wake up to this.  I’ve always thought that snow was one of Nature’s ways of painting.  It covers up any number of sins that we create out there.  I need to get out and about tomorrow if the weather holds.  I’m getting curious about what I may find.