Christmas Evening

IMG_0005-XLEveryone has gone home for the day.  There were two loads of dishes washed in the dish washer and two in the sink.  But most things are put back where they belong and the final load in the dish washer is cooling down so I can put that away.  And then I’m off to bed.  My back is incredibly sore right now and a warm bed is going to feel glorious.

My two granddaughters were something else to watch today.  They were so pumped up and excited that today was Christmas.  They were so excited to see the presents under the tree and there were a number of squeals of delight when they saw them.  It’s wonderful reliving Christmas thru their 4 year old eyes.

But everyone has gone home like I said.  It’s church mouse quiet right now except for the two cats who have decided to come out of hiding now that the girls are gone.  It will be a good night to sleep.