I’m dreaming of a white Christmas but I’m baking bread in the meanwhile.

IMG_0005-XLWhat a strange and wet December we’re having this year.  Whatever snow I had has long since disappeared and has been replaced by bare ground.  Yeh, the rain is mixed with a little bit of snow every now and then but it’s still rain for the most part.  We should be having some big ol’ Norman Rockwell style snows right now.  But it’s not snowing big flakes of snow and the rain is managing to consistently throw the breaker for my outdoor Christmas lights.  So I have resigned myself to the idea of very few lights for this night at least that will be lighting up my house tonight.

Night and dark comes early for this time of year.  The grey skies helps to move it in just a tad bit faster than it normally would arrive.  I’ve kicked off pre-Christmas dinner menu plans by baking a couple loaves of bread today.  Two more go in the oven tomorrow and that’s after a trip to the market.  I keep vacillating back and forth on a couple menu items and I still haven’t made up my mind what the final menu will be.  I have an idea at least and maybe that’s as far as I’ll get tonight.  But it doesn’t matter.  I just need a few items for sure for the main meal items and for my Christmas dinner dessert and the rest I’m sure will take care of itself.

So for tonight I think I’ll have some chicken soup to go with the dark skies and the wet weather.  It’s a good night to stay in.