Saturday Morning

IMG_0005-XLI’m sitting here sipping on my Saturday morning coffee watching the world around me start to wake up on this last Saturday before Christmas.  I originally planned making a run down home to check on my step Dad and give him his Christmas present but I’m getting over the last bit of stomach flu that I somehow acquired on Thursday.  It’s keeping me home today and hopefully I can do a bit of road travel tomorrow.

No, I don’t look forward to the 9 hour drive down and back.  It’s still something that I want to do.  He took care of Momma for years and this will be his first Christmas without her.  Not a pleasant experience in my mind at least.  So, we’ll take the road trip, take him to lunch and then fight over who pays the check.  That I’m sure will get a bit heated.

Mister Cardinal has disappeared once again.  I’ve been doing a bit of research into what I need to do to get and his girl friends to pay me some visits this winter and now have some pretty good ideas.  I’m not too sure how I get a particular bird feeder from swaying in the wind, but I’ll give it a go none the less.  And I think I know where I can get a heated bird bath.  Hopefully I’ll get more than my ever faithful chickadees as visitors.

I’ve made a small mental list of items that I need from the market today.  I just have to convince myself that it’s time to go get clean and sparkly and smelling good so I can get out the door and get that chore done.  I think this is a good day to bake some fresh bread and maybe make some chicken and rice.  In the meanwhile, I think I’ll just keep sitting here sipping on my cup of coffee and watch it try to snow out there.