Five for Friday

IMG_0003-XLThe weather right now is incredibly warm for this time of year.  It makes me wonder just how bad the next snow will be.  I have this feeling we’re gonna get dumped on.

God I’m in need of some good hard cider just like the stuff I had in the U.K.  I need to go look for some tomorrow at another of my favorite type stores .

It’s hard to believe my Gummys will be four years old soon.  Where has the time gone and how did they get so big so fast?

I still have a feed dish out for the bunnies that live out back.  I see plenty of track and sign but no indication they’re taking any of the feed that I set out.  I know – patience.  They will come.

One more week of work and I’m off for two.  I am so looking forward to the time off.

4 responses to “Five for Friday

  1. The babies do grow up quickly. Enjoy the snow when you get it. I wish it would snow here, but that is highly unlikely unless hell freezes over.

    Have a nice time off from work too Jim 🙂


  2. Looks kind of forlorn out there. I don’t think I’ve ever tried hard cider is it similar to apple pie moonshine?