Saturday Morning

IMG_0055-XLIt seems like it’s been like forever since I was smelling my crab apple blossoms and I miss that smell.  It was nice and sweet and smelled like Spring.  The sun was warm on my face and the breeze smelled of blossoms.  My yellow finches were back and busy feeding at the bird feeders on the deck.  It drove the cats nuts to watch them feed.

There is always too much to do in the Spring.  There’s my garden to tend to and seeds to plant.  The yard and the bushes need a bit of a tidying up after another long and hard Minnesota winter.  The old red mulch needs to be raked up and new put down so it all looks shiny and new.

That’s a long way from where I am right now.  I am and I’m not a winter person.  I prefer the warmth of the sun but I would miss the snow and the ice of winter.  I long for the sweet smell of crab apple blossoms but I’m eagerly awaiting what the Ice Maiden creates for me with snow and ice.  I’m fascinated by what surrounds me.

4 responses to “Saturday Morning

  1. That fascination is amplified in your words and captured in your photos. It makes visiting your blog a peaceful pleasure.