Five for Friday

IMG_0005-XLIt’s kind of amazing how looking at something in a different light changes things.  Take for example the bath towel bar underneath the over toidy cabinet I have.  My first thought was “Oh crap, I forgot I had that there.” Which was soon followed by “Ummmm … when was the last time I dusted that?”  And that’s followed up with a “Why do I even have it since I never use it?”  It appears something will be removed this weekend.

It got to a wonderful 28*F today.  It felt almost tropical to me with all of this warmth.  I was daring and didn’t wear my gloves on the commute home tonight.

My weekend plans have changed.  I completely forgot my step Dad went to Wichita to spend time with my step brother and his family.  I guess there’s no road trip down home for me this weekend.

I have the jingle bells that were on the last plant that I bought for Momma before she died.  I took some long twisties and tied them to the outside of my day pack that I use for work.  So I’m jingling all the way to and from work now.  Momma would have liked it.

Miss Lily likes hiding under my Christmas tree.  She just doesn’t like me trying to take a picture of her laying underneath the tree.  She’s being an extremely uncooperative photo subject.