Wednesday Night

IMG_0011-XLIt’s dark out there.  I can hear the cars driving by on the main road out back of my place as people are going home from work.  Of course a couple sirens were wailing out there a little while ago.  I hear sirens all the time and especially during this part of the day.  There’s always a fender bender not too far away and one of the fire stations is only five houses away from me.  I sometimes joke that the firedogs would only have to drag their hoses down here and leave the truck at the station since I’m so close.

It’s cold out there but nothing unusual for this time of year in central Minnesota.  I can’t complain about the cold because it’s normal and this is Minnesota after all; but I do anyway.  It sinks in bone deep right now and the arthritis in my neck and hands lets me know that its none too happy with the temps the way they are right now.  Well, I guess there’s always the possibility of taking a couple more aspirin to relieve some of the discomfort.

The fireplace is on and the cats are laid out in front of it soaking it the heat as it radiates out.  I sit there and look at them and they lay there in front of it and I wonder just how in the world they aren’t cooking away and how I don’t end up with baked cat.   God they hate it when they have to move away from it.  They end up giving me that “one pissed off cat” look whenever that happens.

I looked outside just a little bit ago and noticed a bunny hopping alongside my neighbors pine trees.  I ducked in under the low hanging branches before I could get a shot.  I wonder how long it will take before it discovers the feed dish that I set out under the deck with rabbit feed in it.  I don’t imagine that it will take too long before it starts freeloading off of me.  That’s OK.  It just means I’m watching out for one of God’s creatures.