The travel bug is biting once again


 It will be nice to actually see this place without all of the snow and the bitter cold and the chattering teeth.  The chattering teeth would be mine that I’m referring to mind you.  Doggone was it cold in December 2010.  I thought for sure I was going to be stuck in Amsterdam for Christmas with no hope of getting out until after New Years.  Of course there are far, far worse places to be stuck at but it would have been expensive for a lengthy lay over.  I was fortunate enough to get out of there before the big snow swept in off of the North Sea.

I wonder if Mrs. Claus is still there.  I think it was Mrs. Claus.  I could have sworn it was Mrs. Claus.  All I know was she was good looking blonde in a window in Amsterdam, she had on a red dress, red high heels and one of them Santie Claus hats.  She winked at me, smiled and beckoned for me to come in from out of the cold.  She must have wanted to find out if I was being naughty or nice that year.

I think I would have ended up on Santie Claus’s Naughty List if I had gone in.  But ya never know ….