Monday Drama


Well it wasn’t really “drama” in a literal sense of the word other than my iPhone decided to “DIE” on me as I made my way to work this morning.  The only good part of it dying was it was incredibly warm when it was doing that very thing at 4:30 AM in the bitter cold of a Minnesota winter morning.  It did kinda sorta felt pretty doggone good in my coat pocket.

Goofy me tried to revive the silly thing even though I knew just by how it reacted that I was wasting my time.  But my great, great Scottish Grandmother must have woke up from a nap and started goading me to save a penny or two.  So I tried.  And I crashed and burned.  It wasn’t pretty.  No, I didn’t take any selfies as it happened.

So my wallet is lighter but I have a mobile once again plus extra GB’s of data over and above what I had.  I figured “What the hell” on that part.  I was in the store anywho.