December 30th

IMG_0019-XLBrrrr!  -19C.  -2F.  It’s cold no matter how you label it.  It’s cold no matter how many layers you put on.  The snow crunched underneath my boots when I went outside.  The air was cold and biting whenever I took a breath.  The air felt thin.  The jets on their way into MSP sounded like they were ready to land on the street out in front.  Just what I would need.  A FedEx DC-10 as a front lawn ornament.

Tomorrow is a good day to get out and about once I have New Years day dinner prepped.  I’m just gonna have to remember to dress for the weather since it’s easy to be frostbitten in this weather.  The absolute last thing that I need during this time off is some of that.  Yeh, that would most definitely ruin going back to work.  Ugh!  I just realized that I have to go back to work next Monday.  When is my next lengthy time off planned?  it can’t be soon enough.