Another November under my belt


Another one down.  We started out the month so nice and warm and ended up polar bear butt cold.  I’m not exactly sure how cold a polar bear’s butt actually is and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to find out how cold it actually is.  Let’s just say it’s pretty doggone cold out there and leave it go at that.  Anything else would be too risky.

I’m not looking forward to the morning with the windchill estimated to be -25F or more in the morning.  It’s going to make for an interesting commute back to work after the long weekend.  Fours days went by way too fast.


Saturday Morning


Brrrrrrrr!!!  It’s cold out there this morning.  It’s going to be one of those days where you are better off staying indoors versus going out there where it’s more than past “just a wee bit nippy”.  And I would stay inside today too if it wasn’t for the fact that I need to make a run to the market.

I have a couple girls that are coming to see me today.  They should keep me busy for quite a while today.  Today is put up the Christmas tree day since I didn’t get it done yesterday.  I think I’ll let them help hang non-breakable ornaments on the tree.  I can see it now …

The top half will be mostly bare.  But after all, they are only 3 going on 4 and they can only reach just so high.

Friday Night


It’s dark and quiet out there.  A bunny is hopping around out there somewhere out on the berm.  I know it’s there because I can see its tracks in the new fallen snow.  None of them are made from the berm to the underside of my deck tho and my raised garden beds have been left alone so far.  I assume that they’ll continue to be left alone as the snow piles up deeper and deeper as the winter season goes by.

I noticed little lines in the snow earlier today and it took me a while to realize that they are little snow tunnels made by some field mice.  I keep forgetting that this area once used to be farm land.  The mice remind me that I’m not alone with the birds.  I’ll have to be a tad bit more mindful of them as the season progresses.  I’m assuming that they are around to pick up the bird seed that falls to the ground from the bird feeders.

This four day weekend is going fast for me.  I need to somehow try to slow it down tomorrow.  But I do like sitting here with the soft glow of the Christmas lights that are on outside.

Five for Friday


We woke up to a little over an inch of new snow.  It’s gonna be a long, cold winter around these parts.

All the dishes, pots and pans and all other implements of destruction are warshed and put away.  Thanksgiving went well but lord do I have a boatload of leftovers.  I’ll be eating turkey all weekend.  It’s now time to finish up plans for Christmas dinner.

Nope!  No Black Friday for this kid.  The soccer Moms that that are out and about right now are nuts.  Plus, we have all these farm women that drove in from the rural areas.  Nah.  Going out and about in the malls right now is taking one’s life and placing it in someone else’s hands.  I’ll stay home today where it’s safe.

I still have my youngest daughter’s laptop that I’m reimaging for her.  She had a Windows 7 update that refused to update.  God, I hate Windows.  She needs a Mac like Dad.

Today is the day to dig out the Christmas tree and get that up.  I’ll be using no multi-coloured lights this year. I’m hoping that some tree shots will turn out mucher betterer using the white lights instead.

Wednesday Afternoon


There’s a grey sky out there right now with the lat traces of a light snow falling down from the sky.  A few chickadees came to visit my bird feeders.  They keep my company when when the skies are grey and the air is cold.  I’ll be setting out a feeding dish for the rabbits soon enough.  It’s a habit now and I enjoy seeing the tracks that they leave in the snow.  I feel like I’m providing a little help when something needs it the most.

The house smells of pumpkin pie and I’ll be putting the stuffing together here pretty soon.  The house will smell like that fairly soon.  Everything is on schedule and I hope it stays that way.  But I’ll adjust even if life throws me a few bumps or two tomorrow.  We’ll just adjust, adapt and move on and at the end of the day we’ll still do alright.

So I’m sitting here at my dinner table with a glass of apple juice listening to the planes fly overhead as they are on final into MSP.  My neighbor across the street came home from work and had turned his Christmas lights on.  I look around out there and notice that others are joining in a little at a time.  I like how quiet it is out there.  All that I’m missing now is the wide open skies of the plains of South Dakota and to watch the wind blow through the buffalo grass.

I’ll make do for now with the chickadees coming to feed and help keep me company.